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Corinth Taxi Union

With a modern and large fleet of taxis, the "Corinth Taxi Union" provides Corinth passengers and tourists daily with consistent, secure and immediate transportation and transportation services aiming at their maximum satisfaction.

Our staff as well as the drivers who are invited to serve you every day are reputable professionals, fulfilling strictly all the criteria set by the philosophy and the ethos of the Union.

All of our taxis are air-conditioned, tested by the KTEO, perfectly maintained and have comfortable seats to ensure you a comfortable ride.


 Passenger Transportation
in Corinth and all over Greece
 Patient Transportation
in Athens and any other destination with waiting and return
 Nephropathy Patients Transportation
in chronic hemodialysis centers
 Safe Transportation of Pupils
in tutorials, gyms, etc.
 Immediate Shipment of Parcels - Goods
in and out of town with a taxi service charge
 Suburban Railway 
Full service to the passengers of the Suburban Railway
 Company Services
and document transfer (courier) with invoice billing
 Transportation to Archaeological Sites
Visit tours to archaeological sites, waiting and returning to Corinth
  Comfortable vehicles
  Payment by card
  Direct service
average service time 5 minutes on all calls
  Servicing 100%
  24-hour service


Contact with us

Wherever you are, wherever you want to go, we will be there for you in order to you
we move safely and in time to the place you want.